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sten, tear his arms off
Title: Toxic (originally by Britney Spears)
Artist: Melanie Martinez
Played: 2390657 times

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while we’re on the topic we can drag this unfunny heaux too

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@dragonage: The whole world’s falling apart, and he won’t sit by and watch that happen. Meet Cullen:


and he wont sit by and watch that happen


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it’s a full moon tonight, that’s why ur so emotional

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everyone’s saying they all got sucked into other fandoms waiting for hetalia to return and ive been here the whole time. like a statue, collecting a thin mossy coating of other fandoms but not changing and now that hima is back i have RISEN AND SHED THE LAYERS OF DISTRACTION AND REVEALED MY TRUE WEEABOO FORM TO THE MASSES

even after all these years Hetalians have zero chill whatsoever

some things are just


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me:*fails a quiz*                                                                                                 drake: i’m just sayin you could do better                                                           me:*studies harder graduates valedictorian and cures cancer*

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The last straw

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@shoddycast: #DragonAgeLore will premier on Tuesday, September 23rd. This will be our first ever WEEKLY Lore Series. See you then!



Punpun got me fucked up

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"To me, Kuranosuke-san is a princess, a Jellyfish Princess (…) It’s said that beautiful roses have thorns, but even jellyfish are poisonous. Their toxicity is all over the place depending on the species, but there are a lot of extremely poisonous jellyfish that can kill humans. That’s right mom, jellyfish are poisonous. They’re beautiful as long as you’re looking at them from afar, but if you get closer and touch them, you’ll get stung and suffer an injury from the dangerous poison." (Kurashita Tsukimi. Volume 11. Chapter 56.)


“youre always on your computer” well ur always on my nerves

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no such thing as too many triangles…

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matching icons for u and ur crew